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Irina LaurenavaBiostimulation Therapist
Each session of biostimulation is 45-60 min long, depending on each individual needs. To learn more about the plan that fits your needs, the price and the available times, please contact our therapist.

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What is biostimulation

Biomechanical Muscle Stimulation is a well-established treatment to speed up recovery and rehabilitation both in sports and general preventive medicine. Applying vibration to the muscles (in the direction of muscle fibres) improves the blood flow within tissues, it stimulates recovery and biological effects such as recovery and flexibility are accomplished faster than through only rest or stretching. In various traditions of sport and exercise, using the machine stretches and releases muscle fibres, tendons, faschias and joints. Research has shown that vibration along the direction of muscle fibres makes the muscles stronger and 60 times more supple. It activates the capacity of muscles to circulate blood, which improves both results and recovery after training. In the area of general medicine, Biomechanical Muscle Stimulation is used to treat a variety of painful conditions such as local circulatory problems, swelling, muscle tension and joint rigidity. It can also be used to improve general states in the body, such as blood and lymph circulation. The muscles do not only carry out visible physical activity such as physical work and locomotion, they also drive the flow of bodily fluids inside the body by the constant, spontaneous, rhythmic activity of the muscle fibre. About 2 to 3% of muscle fibres contracts even at rest. These contractions of the muscles at rest drive the return flow of lymph through veins and lymph vessels to the heart. This fundamental property of muscles is enormously important for microcirculation and cell metabolism. Strained or underdeveloped muscles lack of these rhythmic contractions and lead to a poor disposal of metabolic waste products from the cell area.

General health effects

  • Improved circulation

  • Improves bone structure density

  • Improves metabolism and lymph drainage

  • Lowers stress through the production of endorphins

  • Supports burning of fat

  • Use of the vibratory machine promotes reflexory muscle contractions, the so called Tonic Vibration Reflex

Specific training effects

  • Increases flexibility and strength of muscles. After stimulation, muscles are 20% stronger

  • The amplitude of joints can be improved 15-19 degrees achieved up to 60 times faster than through standard methods

  • Strengthens the entire muscular system including muscles that are virtually impossible to exercise

  • Stimulates regeneration of tissues through improved circulation

The machine is safe to use, as it does not overload the heart muscle. Exercises on the machine are carried out at a leisurely pace and one does not experience fatigue as one often does after strength training or aerobic exercise. This is a major benefit for people who are not accustomed to exercise. It is one of the most effective ways correct body shape. It is the only method to quickly and painlessly achieve the splits. The most effective way to recover after exercise and a unique method that is equally accessible and useful for the athlete and those who have limited or impaired mobility.