Rita Caldas
Founder & Tango/Yoga Teacher

Rita is a former Geologist and it is now a Tango and Yoga instructor and a mssage therapist. Before discovering Tango in 2004, Rita trained and worked as a classical Ballet dancer for 10 years. Throughout these years she participated in operas like Aida and Guillerme Tell, staged at the São Carlos National Theater in Lisbon. She has been teaching Tango since 2009 around Europe giving workshops and performing in Tango Festivals, Tango Schools and Milongas. In 2009 she became part of the organizing team of Lisbon Tango Festival and in 2010 she organized a Tango Marathon in Lisbon. Two years ago she moved to Stockholm where she opened her own company and since then she has been teaching private and group dance and yoga classes in dance studios in Stockholm (Danscompagniet and Flamenco Center). In June 2019 she organized, together with her partner Panagiotis Triantafyllou, the first edition of EPIC Tango Marathon in Stockholm. Rita uses the principles of yoga throughout her teaching in order to develop a more stable axis and a deeper knowledge of each one’s body, always emphasizing the importance of using the floor and listening to the music. Her motto is “When you dance, listen to the music, let the music runs through your body, speak with your feet and draw your emotions on the floor.”
Rita is also a Hatha Yoga instructor and a massage therapist, having received her formation in Portugal.

Having a researcher’s soul, she is always searching for knew knowledge, new prespectives, new ideas and new concepts to always improve her techniques.


Some videos of international past preformances.

Rita’s Activities


We offer a complete program of guided instructions to dancing tango. Our goal is to maximize the progress while at the same time keeping that process joyful and challenging. For more info, click the button below.

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Hatha Yoga

Classes, although taught in groups, are individually managed so that each student can progress at his/her own pace. Our goal is to introduce our students to a healthier lifestyle. For more information, click the button below.

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For those of you seeking the slightest details in movement and technique or just want to boost your progress, we offer private classes built upon your needs. For package offers and details, click the button below.

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