Main Room

Beautiful, spacious, with a lot of natural light, our main studio has all the conditions you need.

  • Wooden Floor
  • Mirrors
  • 100 m2
  • Chill-out area with couches
  • Access to kitchen
  • Access to changing room
  • Access to shower
  • Sound System
  • Internet access
  • Chairs and tables

Small Room

Our small room is perfect for private lessons, massages and therapies.

  • Tiles Floor
  • Mirrors
  • Private Shower
  • 20 m2
  • Massage table
  • Oil diffuser
  • Towels
  • Sound System
  • Internet Access

Studio Hire

Are you searching for a studio to give your group or private classes? Or you need a studio to practice? A place for workshops, small private events or a space for your therapies? Viva Studios is the perfect place! In the heart of Stockholm, easily accessible with the tunnel bana, tram or by bus, our studio has two rooms, a kitchen, two bathrooms, an amazing wooden floor and mirrors. Do you need more information or you want to book now?  Contact us.

Pricing Table


Studio Dimensions Price
(group classes)
Main Room 100m2 450 kr/hour 150 kr/hour
Small Room (for private) 20m2 100 kr/hour
Small Room (for massage)* 20m2 250 kr/hour
Small Room (for massage)** 20m2 100 kr/hour

* Includes: massage table, massage table cover and towls.

** No material included.

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Prices without MOMS