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We offer a place where people can learn to dance, meet new people, have fun while at the same time feeling comfortable, working on their body’s health and socializing.  Our studios offer a varied program with price options for all levels of interest, with greater emphasis on group classes and small package sessions to reach each person’s skill objectives. 

Viva Studios  welcomes a diversity of people and maintains a non-smoking and respectful environment. Our view is that the studio will not just be a place where classes are taken but a more vibrant and cozy space where people gather as family and exchange ideas, goals and dreams.

OurHistory & BackgroundPortugal and GreeceMeet in Stockholm

  • History

We are two tango lovers from Portugal and Greece that met in Stockhlom. We are both professional tango dancers, internationaly known, having teached and preformed in different festivals around Europe with our previous partners. After meeting in Stockholm, not only our hearts started to beat together but also our embrace became one. From this connection Viva Studios was born. We are really looking forward to start this adventure together and to share it with you.

Our studio is awesome!

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  • Background

We both found tango during our studies at the University. Rita, while taking her degree in Geology, in Lisbon, and Panagiotis in Thessaloniki while taking his degree in electrical and computer engineering.

Even though we have different initial backgrounds, tango found us and since then it became our life, our profession, our passion.