Tango Practica

What is the tango practica?

As the name suggests, Tango Practica is where you practice your tango. Here you have the chance to develop your skills and practice the steps that you learn in the class. It’s the perfect place for leaders to learn how to navigate the dance floor and how to lead a set of basic steps to different followers. It’s the perfect place for followers to learn how to follow a set of basic steps from different leaders. But above all, it’s a place to meet and make friends, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and exchange ideas with others tanguer@s.


As soon as you take your first class, you should start attending practicas. Even if you don’t dance in the beginning, it’s a great place to have a coffee and meet new people and you’ll see how after a while you will feel comfortable dancing. Apart from that, watching other people dance is a great way to learn new steps and get ideas. And of course, you can ask anyone “hey! I liked what you did there. Can you show me how?”

No! Although coming with a partner helps maintain a nice balance in the practica, the purpose of the practica is to be a social place. Couples are encouraged to rotate dance partners so that everyone gets a chance to dance.

Right now, because of the 50 people regulation due to COVID-19, yes you need to register and pay in advance to secure your place.


  Non-Students Viva Students
Practica 80 kr 60 kr
Practica + Mini workshop 120 kr 80 kr